Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tyler Glass Visiting Artists Spring 2010: part one

Welcome to Spring Semester - that means a new group of incredible visiting artists!

We started the semester with a visit from Maestro Gianni Toso. Longtime mentor to our second year grad student Amber Cowan, Toso astounded us with his energy and humor. In addition to his inspiring lecture, Toso spent the day doing flamework demos followed by hot blowing for hours.

Our next visitor – just two weeks ago - was Tina Oldknow, Curator of Modern Glass at Corning Museum of Glass. We were so thrilled that Tina was able to come to Tyler, and we made the very most of her time here! She spent her first day meeting with the undergraduate students, talking about the development of their work; they were amazed by her generosity of thought and spirit in her feedback. This was the first meeting with a curator for our undergrads, so it was really exciting. That evening, Tina gave an inspiring talk titled “The Wizard of Nancy and His Successors: Glass, Contemporary Art, and Alchemy,” a discussion of the life and work of Émile Gallé (1846 -1904), one of the major forces behind the Art Nouveau movement in France. Tina spent the next day doing studio visits with our graduate students; like the undergrads, the grads were totally impressed and awed by Tina’s energy, enthusiasm, and thoughtful feedback about their work. For more information about Tina Oldknow:

Then we were thrilled to host Alissia Melka-Teichroew, founder and creative director of byAMT Inc (formerly known as AlissiaMT Design). We have been talking a lot about production this semester – form, function, and what it means to put yet another object out into our very cluttered world. We admire Alissia’s very spare and space-conscious designs – especially her insideout glasses. It was great to hear her talk about not only the inspiration for her designs but her design process and how things are produced and marketed. Alissia is a graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven and holds a Master of Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), USA. You can see her shot glasses here: and our very favorite martini glasses here:

That brings us up to date in the Visiting Artists world at Tyler Glass. Coming on March 24th is Melissa Milgrom, author of the just-released book "Still Life: Adventures in Taxidermy" (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), and in April we will host Sibylle Peretti and Stephen Paul Day – new post with details to come soon!

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