Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tyler Faculty BOHYUN YOON installation in New York

Congratulations to Tyler Adjunct Assistant Professor Bohyun Yoon - he has an amazing piece in Smoke+Mirrors/Shadows+Fog” at the Hunter College/Times Square Gallery in New York. Here's a brief statement from Bo about his installation:

“Structure of Shadow,” is an installation piece which presents a mix of male and female toy-like rubber figures hung with strings and marching in one direction, one after another. Hanging like puppets, the figures portray the idea of a group as opposed to an individual. A light and shadow trick is a key factor in this work: it is a metaphor of the invisible power of political tricks in our society. Using the media of light and shadow, I create an installation work in the space. A full scene of a crowd is constructed by using the whole surrounding wall as a shadow screen. This piece is an interactive work: when a viewer approaches the structure, a motion sensor will cause the light bulb to shake so that the shadows of the figurine crowd will move around the entire space. The viewer’s engagement plays an important role in completing the piece.

For more about Bo and his work, visit his web site at:

Installation view of Bohyun Yoon’s Structure of Shadow (2009) from “Smoke+Mirrors/Shadows+Fog” at the Hunter College/Times Square Gallery.
Photograph by John Bentham.

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