Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tyler Glass Facilities

Tyler Glass is a close-knit community of artists working in an intensive studio setting. If you haven’t had a chance to visit us in our new home in the Tyler building (designed by Carlos Jimenez) on Temple’s Main Campus in Philadelphia, we hope you will come by soon! We are thrilled by and proud of our 10,000 square foot state of the art glass facility. The shops, studios, and equipment are amazing, and everything was planned and built with attention to health and safety.


The Hot Shop has four benches and four glory holes (2 @ 16” 1 @ 24”, and 1 @ 30”), two 520# day tanks, and ten dedicated annealers.

The Hot Casting Shop is a generous space with a 710# dedicated casting furnace and seven dedicated annealers, including a large car kiln.

The Flameworking Studio has 4 Bobcat torches with dedicated annealers and Nederman arm ventilation.

The Cold Shop has all of the latest equipment including a drill press, bandsaw, and Merker and Czech lathes. It is adjacent to the Vapors Room, Sandblasting Room, and Spray Booth.

The Kiln Room is outfitted for kiln casting, fusing and slumping, with 16 dedicated kilns and a 1-ton crane for large molds.

The Majors Studio is a large studio in which each BFA major has a dedicated space. It is adjacent to the Critique/Installation Room, and the Graduate Studios; each graduate student has a private studio.

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