Monday, November 8, 2010

2nd year MFAs in exhibition at Little Berlin

Sorry that so much time has passed since the last post. We have had a really busy fall semester at Tyler.

Our second year graduate students, Amber Cowan and David King, were included in the exhibition "Zodiac Down" at Little Berlin in Philadelphia during September. Photos of Amber's lampworked piece "The Revelation of a Serqet" (2010) are included. Here is an excerpt from her statement:

Amber Cowan
, "The Revelation of a Serqet" (2010)
22" x 22" x 8"

With this piece, I was highly influenced by the glass dioramas made in Nevers, France, during the 16th century. These elaborate and intricate models were impacted by the influx of Italian workers to France at this time. The dioramas often took on the subjects of religious, mythological, and allegorical themes, and like Baroque painting of this period were motivated by color, movement, and sensuality.

My mythological subject for this piece is Serqet, the Egyptian Goddess of the Scorpion. She was both a protector from the stings of arachnids and a punisher known for her burning wrath. Serqet was known to give breath to the justified dead, helping them to be reborn into the afterlife.

The material and process for this piece is lampworked Moretti glass. This type of glass and the techniques that I used in this piece are in traditional Venetian observation.

-- Amber Cowan, 2010

Amber Cowan, "The Revelation of a Serqet" (2010) detail

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